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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Feminists are Clueless about Hillary


When I read that feminists are appalled that Hillary Clinton is being stomped by Obama, I realized how humorless and irony-challenged they are.

In the first instance, they bemoan how Obama’s charisma trumps Hillary’s accomplishments.

Borrowing shamelessly from an overflowing pile of clichéd responses, following the lead of Hillary and Obama, I say:

Hello? Since when is being married to Bill Clinton, and putting up with his philandering while he was governor and president, considered accomplishments?

You weren’t elected governor, he was.

You weren’t elected president, he was.

If you weren’t his wife, you would never have been elected senator from a state you never lived in, New York

What are your accomplishments, Hillary?

You had eight years while Bill was president, and almost eight years since, to be constantly in the public eye, and you’re whining about having your butt kicked by another Democrat whose resume is even thinner than yours?

Between the two of you your accomplishments can only politely be characterized as minuscule.

The only accomplishments either of you have are plans to spend a lot of taxpayers’ money for “universal” healthcare coverage, and neither of you has a plausible plan to pay for it.

In response to a question about what she would do to repair American international relations, Hillary responded that she would play the “Bill card,” and send her husband abroad to rebuild goodwill.

Way to assert yourself, Hillary.


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