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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Belated Attempt at Oversight

Editor (The San Francisco Chronicle)

The Chronicle editorial, Belated attempt at oversight, March 14, 2008, suggested the Bush administration should have offered a series of proposals to tighten oversight of financial institutions and mortgage brokers “about eight years ago” when they might have done some good. I know that the Chronicle and Democrats think Bush is responsible for all things bad, but “about eight years ago” the Clinton administration was running the show.

You remember them, don’t you? The administration in charge when the bubble burst after March 10, 2000 (almost exactly eight years ago), and the NASDAQ lost half its value before Bush became president January 2001? Now do you remember? It triggered the Clinton recession that lasted about two years.

The Chronicle gives Bush little credit for the good he’s done – aid to Africa, no attacks on the US since 9/11, education reform – so it’s not surprising he’s given credit for things he didn’t do. That’s Liberal balance for you.


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