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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Attila the Clotheshorse


When I combine the assessments of Peter Lippman and Richey Wasserman, I find I've achieved the unique position of being a barbarian fop. According to Mr. Lippman, a presumptuous one at that, one having the temerity of replying to him. Perhaps Mr. Lippman will indulge me this once since I agree with him that the enormous sum that Social Security and Medicare are losing is a practical problem to be solved. However, Liberals have shown no sign of being capable of solving anything involving the overexpenditure of taxpayers' money, so I have no faith in them being able to repair or reform Social Security and Medicare. In fact, for over fifty years Democrats have taken it from bad to worse, with no relief in sight.

I eagerly await Mr. Lippman slapping me down with some facts as well as invective.


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