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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

ANSWER War Mongering


International ANSWER was in the news again, this time as a leader of the "anti-war" protests. However, the most modest research shows that International ANSWER is actually pro-war, and openly supports Kim Jong-il, Fidel Castro, Slobodan Milosevic, and the "resistance" in Afghanistan and Iraq. In Slate go to "Anti-War, My Foot, The phony peaceniks who protested in Washington," by Christopher Hitchens.

International ANSWER is not opposed to war. They are against democracy, capitalism, and personal freedom and liberty.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Unfair Competition


A writer to the ICO recently claimed President Bush was the worst President. Understandable, since as we get older, we lose three things: memory, and I forget the other two. You too, Tedd?

To be the worst, you have to suffer in comparison to others. You have to do something worse than President Clinton did in 1994, when he studiously ignored the slaughter of 800,000 in Rwanda. You also should not notice that more people died in a heat wave in Chicago in 1995 than in Katrina in Louisiana. Of course, you have to forget the excruciating embarrassment of Monica. Finally, I doubt if any Democrats with memories intact forgive Bill and Hillary for the Hillarycare fiasco. Republicans should create a monument to it, as it resulted in Republicans winning both the House and Senate for the first time in forty years.

Worst ever comparisons must also include LBJ. He micromanaged us to defeat in Vietnam (where we never lost a battle), and about as many or more Americans were killed in any four-month period in 1967 through 1969 than have died in two and a half years of fighting in Iraq. Against the widely discredited claim that 100,000 Iraqis have died, the Vietnam War killed over two million Vietnamese.

Who can forget the pathetic presidency of Jimmy Carter? Remember “malaise?” Double-digit inflation, double-digit interest rates, economic stagnation, recession, the 444-day Iranian hostage crisis, and the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan? Jimmy really fixed them when he boycotted the Olympics, didn’t he?

JFK was well on his way to a miserable presidency too, following the Bay of Pigs debacle with starting and escalating the Vietnam War. Given his chance to clean up the mess, LBJ just made it worse.

A Republican could never be the worst President. Democrats already set the bar too high.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The Unreality-Based Party


A few days ago Fox News Channel's Major Garrett got confirmation from the head of the Red cross --on camera-- of the Louisiana State Department of Homeland Security's blocking of the delivery of relief supplies to the Superdome and the Convention Center. This news is also on the Red Cross web site. In addition, Garrett received confirmation from senior Salvation Army officials in Washington, D.C. that the Salvation Army's efforts at supplying the evacuees with such things as hot meals were also repeatedly blocked.

It goes with out saying, the rest of the Main Stream Media won't touch this story at all. They don't have to take the word of Fox News. Maybe they are too cheap to phone the Red Cross and Salvation Army? Or no one told them they could do that?

In a recent cartoon, a Republican asked a Democrat if things would have been better if Democrats were in charge. When the Democrat said "Yes," The Republican simply replied, "They were."

Actually, even when the incompetence of the local leaders, all Democrats, is clearly demonstrated -- an incompetence that cost lives -- a bunch of them don't seem to get it. They think it was perfectly OK for the governor of Louisiana to say that she had not made the proper requests for assistance because no one told her to. The question then is, if you don't know your job, does that automatically make it the President's fault? That is what the Democrats are saying. And acting like they believe it!

As a former Base Disaster Preparedness Officer, 81st Tactical Fighter Wing, RAF Bentwaters & Woodbridge, Suffolk, UK 1970-1975, I find it hard to believe that even Democrats don't know the initial responsibilities for impending disasters are local, and that first responders to disasters are under local guidance and command.

Democrats do not have a "reality" based party.

Monday, September 05, 2005

It's Bush's Fault


Did you see this on TV evening news?

On the screen are pictures of hundreds of buses parked in floodwater.

Terry Ebbert, head of New Orleans' emergency operations: "This is a national disgrace. FEMA has been here three days, yet there is no command and control. We can send massive amounts of aid to tsunami victims, but we can't bail out the city of New Orleans."

Louisiana Governor Blanco called for a mandatory evacuation following a personal President Bush request on Sunday. President Bush had already declared a state of emergency for Louisiana.

Someone notes that The City of New Orleans has a disaster plan they didn’t follow.

"Don't give me your money. Don't send me $10 million today. Give me buses and gas," said Dem. LA state Rep. Kargen Carter.

Meanwhile, hundreds of New Orleans buses sit flooded and useless, their gas and oil polluting the surrounding water. “Did you see the picture, Mr. Ebbert? Ms. Carter?”

The Democratic Black Caucus and NAACP leaders condemn President Bush for the slow pace of rescue efforts.

“But the City of New Orleans hurricane emergency management plan did address the evacuation of poor blacks. You can easily access it and read it on the Internet,” I point out – “I did, and I am not a reporter. In fact, I live in the tiny far-off northern California hamlet of Gualala.” (How did I get on this TV news show?)

Then the black mayor of New Orleans, Ray Nagin, says President Bush and his administration did not do their jobs. At this point the camera pans back to the flooded buses. Then to Mayor Nagin. Then to Mr. Ebbert. Stunned silence, then heads bowed in shame.

But then Nagin, Ebbert, and Carter yell in unison: "Yeah, those buses were Bush's fault!" Then Michael Moore appears: "You know, brothers! Sister too!"