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Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Clean Sweep


David Skibbins and I are agreeing on so many things lately, I wonder whether we were separated at birth. In a recent letter, David noted that Hillary was no more experienced, and possibly even less, than the experience-challenged Obama. I couldn’t agree more, that between the two of them, neither has more experience than you would expect from a junior Senator from New York, or Illinois.

Come to think of it, that’s what they are, and both have spent more time campaigning than Senator-ing. Hillary’s lack of experience, and grandiose claims of having a lot, reminds me of a cartoon of which I had the pleasure recently. It depicted Hillary dressed in surgical garb surrounded by doctors and nurses peering down on a nervous patient. “Relax,” said Hillary, “I’m not a surgeon, but I was married to one for eight years.”

Now that David has done my job of spilling the beans on Hillary and Barack, I guess I had better hurry to praise John McCain before David beats me to that, too. After all, John McCain spent more time in a North Vietnam Prisoner of War camp than either Democrat has spent working in the Senate. Senator McCain could teach both of them what real violations of the Geneva Conventions are like, and picking up a Koran with a bare hand would not make his list.

David and I had better speed our praise for Republican Nominee McCain before we look like we’re both just “Me Too’s.” Since John has already opened double-digit leads over both Democrats, we may already be too late to lead his parade.

But we can both get our buckets and shovels and clean up behind the Democrats. Our plants will appreciate the recycling, and the World will be a little closer to its salvation.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Belated Attempt at Oversight

Editor (The San Francisco Chronicle)

The Chronicle editorial, Belated attempt at oversight, March 14, 2008, suggested the Bush administration should have offered a series of proposals to tighten oversight of financial institutions and mortgage brokers “about eight years ago” when they might have done some good. I know that the Chronicle and Democrats think Bush is responsible for all things bad, but “about eight years ago” the Clinton administration was running the show.

You remember them, don’t you? The administration in charge when the dot.com bubble burst after March 10, 2000 (almost exactly eight years ago), and the NASDAQ lost half its value before Bush became president January 2001? Now do you remember? It triggered the Clinton recession that lasted about two years.

The Chronicle gives Bush little credit for the good he’s done – aid to Africa, no attacks on the US since 9/11, education reform – so it’s not surprising he’s given credit for things he didn’t do. That’s Liberal balance for you.