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Monday, May 01, 2006

Isn't it Interesting?

Editor, Independent Coast Observer

I am grateful to Mr. Schneiderman for suggesting that I combine intelligence with an open mind to arrive at wisdom, as I wouldn’t want him to type me as a “radical right wing war monger self serving republican hawk fascist.” Conservative Republican would suffice.

Isn’t it interesting that Muslim extremism and hatred of America predated President Bush, and that World Trade Center, Khobar Towers, and embassy bombings, and the attack on the Cole all occurred while Clinton was president? Interesting that the 9/11 attack was planned, and participants selected and trained, during the Clinton presidency? Interesting that the Left only recognizes Muslim hatred of America after President Bush took office?

I find all this very interesting, because I think an open-minded intelligent person would see that Islamic anti-Americanism did not just start on Inaugural Day, 2001. Such a person would note that President Bush kept senior Democratic leaders informed of wiretapping of contacts with Al Qaeda, while Bill and Hillary Clinton allowed unauthorized access to over 1,000 FBI files of prominent Republicans, a clear assault on democratic policies.

Other very interesting things: Democratic amnesia over the intelligence they and the agencies of other nations cited about Iraqi WMD. Silence about the thousands of boxes of Iraqi documents now being translated that prove Saddam had terrorist connections. Muslim riots in France, and Muslim unrest in other European nations that have bent over backwards to tolerate Islamic demands. Horrific Muslim suicide bombings in Indonesia, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Russia, Chechnya, and over a dozen other nations that had little or nothing to do with America and President Bush.

Finally, isn’t it interesting that an American male is more knowledgeable and upset about female abuse by Muslims than a Muslim female civil rights activist? Anne Rein never heard of forced child clitorectomies, right?