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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Pelosi - Reid Deficit

When Democrats took control of Congress in January 2007, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projected a $379 billion surplus over the next decade. Now, after four years under Pelosi and Reid, and two years of Obama, the 2007-2016 projection is a deficit of $7.16 trillion. Obama blamed Bush for the nation's fiscal condition. "When I walked in, wrapped in a nice bow was a $1.3 trillion deficit sitting right there on my doorstep." Earlier this year he asserted that "we came in with $8 trillion worth of debt over the next decade." However, according to the CBO neither statement is true.

Obama also overlooks the inconvenient truth that Democrats controlled Congress for two years before he began his presidency. While Democrats credit the minority Republicans with blocking Obama’s agenda, vast credit should be given to the majority Democrats for extraordinary spending and dubious achievement. Remember the promise Pelosi made on the day she became speaker? "Our new America will provide unlimited opportunity for future generations, not burden them with mountains of debt." After four years of Democrat rule, national unemployment rose to 9.5% from 4.4% (California unemployment went from 4.9% to 12.4%) while the Democrat budget will add twice as much debt as President Bush over the same number of years.

So much for unburdened opportunities. Like a weather report: “According to CBO projections covering the next several years, expect high and rising deficits with persistent unemployment, and no relief in sight.”

As a typical Democrat, Barbara Boxer spent two days talking about jobs and the previous 28 years supporting tax increases and job-killing regulations. Since she, Obama, Pelosi, and Jerry Brown have no experience working in the private-sector, it is no wonder they are clueless about employment and economics. To Democrats, ignorance is bliss.


To Democrats, Ignorance is Bliss

I just returned from attending Alice’s 50th high school reunion in southern California, after having hosted one for Point Arena last week. The national news the past week was exhilarating – Democrats up for reelection are running from Obamacare, and instead of debating issues, have been digging deeply into their Republican opponents’ personal lives and are attempting to win by distortion and character assassination. I had to laugh. I remember Democrats defending Clinton and others – Gavin Newsom comes to mind – by claiming that a politician’s personal life is private.

Then I opened the ICO to the Letters page, and read “Misguided” by Peter Lippman. The first thing notable about Mr. Lippman’s letter was it showed no sign that he had researched anything. At the least Mr. Lippman should find out more about Jim Littlejohn’s accomplishments working in the Office of Civil Rights for Education, rather than recommending we “not inquire just exactly what sorts of civil rights progress ol’ Jim engineered in education. Shudder.” Why not inquire, Mr. Lippman? Is ignorance such bliss? I think a fair inquiry would have disclosed much that even you should admire in Mr. Littlejohn’s accomplishments.

Mr. Lippman, I agree that your opinions are deservedly “humble,” containing nothing of distinction. I am a member, not a co-founder (of which you had no doubt), of Concerned Coastal Voters (CCV). And while Alice and I, and other CCV members, share many of their concerns, we are not Tea Party affiliated. Our primary purpose is to engage in a facts-based debate on issues. Your pledge to be giving us “the scout’s-honor truth” rings as hollow as the stated Democrat leaderships’ desire to debate issues, not smear individuals. When the facts don’t support Democrat positions, Democrats get personal.